A Big Thank You to NH!!

Jerry Frew, NELMS Executive Director, sends his thanks to New Hampshire for their outstanding participation at their Annual Conference.  "New Hampshire shined at our Annual Conference.  We love having them as such a strong partner in Middle Level Education!"  - Jerry Frew
Our Goals:

NHAMLE will promote Middle Level Education philosophy and best practices in middle level education.

Every New Hampshire educator of 10-14 year olds will know of NHAMLE.

NHAMLE will recognize exemplary contributions and achievements.

 Our Mission:

The New Hampshire Association for Middle Level Education’s mission is to articulate and to promote the philosophy of middle level education at the state and local level; to influence the development, implementation, and evaluation of middle level best practices; to broaden relationships with educators and community stakeholders who advocate for middle level learners; and to strengthen the organization to effectively promote the New Hampshire Association for Middle Level Education’s vision.